Holiday Adventures

As a couple with a young baby a few years ago, we struggled with what to do with Christmas as a family. We knew that we wanted it to be a celebration of winter, of the darkness and return of spring, of gathering and family and beauty. We knew that part of becoming our own family was keeping some of what we grew up with, but also creating our own rituals that felt right for our home. I got really excited about the advent calendar because it made a little celebration of every day, not just a long, sweaty shopping marathon leading up to present-opening day. Last year, we made our very first advent calendar, composed entirely of paper bags and images cut out from catalogs and flyers that landed in the mailbox. Luckily, it survived enough to be used again this year.

Into this advent month, we throw a little bit of making, doing, and giving. There are things we already know will be traditions, and things we toss in to mix it up and make the daily grind a little more fun for everyone. I am a huge fan of celebrating the everyday, and here's a little of what's been going on around here:

Making snowflakes since we have none of our own
We took a trip out to a beautiful farm complete with bonfire, hot cider, homemade venison sausage and smores and cut our own tree down (not so romantic: getting that tree to stand upright in our house)

Some were smitten with that tree and its sparkly ornaments.

Others have been focused on decorating the house or creating the perfect fishbowl diorama involving a pirate on a wolf, a hatchet and a pipecleaner tree about to meet its end.

Yesterday brought St. Nicholas bearing clementines, nuts, masking tape and staplers. Of course.
Tonight, it was about sitting quietly with a .cup of cocoa and enjoying what we created together this week.

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