once more with feeling

the first ten days, originally uploaded by Helen de madison.

Deep winter has settled in and I sit still a lot more frequently this time of the year. It's great for seeing, all this sitting still, and the more I look at seemingly unimportant or banal things, the more fascinating they get. They call to me to find the beauty, the fascinating, the fractal complexity. And then, in the way that cosmic forces seem to converge and lead to something wonderful, I have lunch with a friend who tells me she has been taking a photo a day and that she can look back at these pictures and remember almost every day that they were taken. I'm smitten. For the next 365, I will take a picture a day. To see. To remember. It seems, this is a recurring quest in my life.

Here's what I'm drawn to these days:
*edges and transitions, where snow and ice meet pavement, how light moves around the corner of a small box of mints sitting by the window, where the self-contained meet and overlap, and interesting things happen;
*blurry images, where the tangible seems to be infused with magic and you can play tricks on your own eyes, flower morphs to octopus;
*little tiny things and my macro lens.

Ah. It's good to be back here.

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