Open Arms Midwifery!

Something lovely to write about! I have a wonderful friend Debbie who was doula to us during the birth of Milo. This week, she formally launched her new website and business, Open Arms Midwifery, as a homebirth midwife (who kicks some serious birthing ass, but in a nice way of course). It gives me no end of pleasure to shout out the news to anyone who will listen because she was such a linchpin to J. and I having a great birthing experience. It's almost enough to make me want to go for kid #2, just because I look forward to such funny, wise and competent care again.
Congratulations Debbie!

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Debbie - Maeve's mama said...

Thank you so much my friend. A true honor to be your servant. And of course the second time around we'll skip the crazy ride to the hospital. LOL.