The next best thing to being here

Since you're away for your birthday, we thought we'd bring the birthday hootenany to you instead. Happy birthday, Jake!

Love Helen and Milo

P.S. We ate a birthday banana in your honour. Figured the cake can wait for your return.


taking a moment to look around

The sun came out today and I just took a break from work, taxes, miserable illness, cumulative shitty bed achiness and general surliness to glance out the window.

We are thisclose to seeing green leaves outside again!

I feel better already.


Open Arms Midwifery!

Something lovely to write about! I have a wonderful friend Debbie who was doula to us during the birth of Milo. This week, she formally launched her new website and business, Open Arms Midwifery, as a homebirth midwife (who kicks some serious birthing ass, but in a nice way of course). It gives me no end of pleasure to shout out the news to anyone who will listen because she was such a linchpin to J. and I having a great birthing experience. It's almost enough to make me want to go for kid #2, just because I look forward to such funny, wise and competent care again.
Congratulations Debbie!