behaving like you're on sabbatical...

means that instead of just sitting at your desk and starting your workday, you drop the kiddo off at daycare and go skiing for a couple of hours. Just the two of you. Blowing off some steam. Putting all that snow to good use. Pretending you do this all the time.

The trails were all ours this morning. A lightly falling snow tickled our eyelashes as we alternately slipped and crashed through the snow, putting our backcountry skis to work. At the top of the mountain we stopped to admire the cityscape spread out below us. The skyline has slowly morphed over the decade since we last lived in this city. Subtle changes. The city's silhouette has grown thicker. As ours has, too, I guess. One of those fleeting flashes of how time is slipping by, then I shake it loose, like the dusting of snow on my hat, and crash on back down the trail, excited to be skiing again.

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