Day 2, B(a)NM

If the snow and ice keep coming, I'm never going to want to leave this house the entire month of February and our challenge will be a cinch. Today, I started my second baby hat knitting project with some delicious baby alpaca wool I scored at this gorgeous wool store. Totally forgot how to cast on so I cast about online and found this useful video that shows you how! Thank you internet (smooch!).

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Maeve's mama said...

Ok - bullshit #1 - you lead a yarn fanatic to a site that she can not understand (or have some one to translate for her). Said store is probably much better for me in person .

Bullshit #2, cookies? Who are you kidding here. Desert is so a luxury, unless you are counting is at additions to the "fat layer" needed to make it through crazy winter.

Knittinghelp.com - LOVE IT.

PS I'm not saying that we didn't have similar rules for our B(a)NM.