Day 5, B(a)NM

The weekend was a good one, we rekindled some old friendships and Milo even got to see papou and yiayia sing in their choir. Another beautiful walk on Mont-Royal reminded me that I'm not crazy for thinking that some of the most fulfilling things to do are absolutely free. Speaking of spending, the New York Times posted an interesting article today about how Americans are actually starting to cut spending. Even the rich ones. And that has financial analysts clucking like hysterical chickens. Makes this little no-spending project feel relevant...


It's been quiet around here he last couple of days as we try to absorb the fact that we will not see our friend Cindy again. It's just too big, like the milky way galaxy. I can't get my head around it. We are headed back to Madison for the weekend to be there, to laugh, cry and send her on her journey with a great big wave of love from her friends and family.

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