Feeling a million miles away.

Today I felt grey like the day. Heavy. Cloudy.

Dread knocks the wind out of me every time the phone rings.

A dear friend has ended her chemotherapy and went in to hospice care last weekend. And I am a million miles away and my heart is breaking for her and her family. So I hold my baby extra close. And kiss my husband a lot. And we do the only thing we can do: FedEx her fresh bagels from Montreal, in honour of the trip she had hoped to make to visit us and eat her way through this town. We're mailing a little bit of Montreal to her instead.

Remember, Cindy: they're best lightly toasted with cream cheese and lox. And a pinch of east coast attitude.
Oh, and the chocolates? You don't have to share those.

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Maeve's mama said...

Helen (and Cindy if you are reading)...may peace be with you both. My heart holds a warm space for you, Cindy for you and your family.