Ahhh...mission accomplished

With a cup of tea and a luscious baked apple by my side last night, I wrapped up a long overdue project: my first attempt at knitting. Milo's hat was a project I started in mid-January.

Of 2007.

As in over 380 days ago.

Doesn't he look dapper?

Thanks Debbie and Elena for feeding a new addiction. I am ready to make a bunch more of these, without all the interim mistakes like dropping stiches and accidentally knitting backwards for a few hours. This new habit will be the perfect companion to take me through this next month, which we have declared another family Buy (almost) Nothing Month around here. Of course, I will run out to buy more wool today before January is officially over and we clamp the chastity belt on the wallets.

I am going to blog my way through our Buy (almost) Nothing Month and try not to complain too much of the things I cannot do. It will be a challenge, but one that is overdue for me. Being back in an urban environment full of beautiful things hanging in window displays has given me an unhealthy case of the "I-wanna"s. So this is my detox. We did it once before and it was really rewarding. Of course, that time it was summer in Madison and there was no child involved.


Feeling a million miles away.

Today I felt grey like the day. Heavy. Cloudy.

Dread knocks the wind out of me every time the phone rings.

A dear friend has ended her chemotherapy and went in to hospice care last weekend. And I am a million miles away and my heart is breaking for her and her family. So I hold my baby extra close. And kiss my husband a lot. And we do the only thing we can do: FedEx her fresh bagels from Montreal, in honour of the trip she had hoped to make to visit us and eat her way through this town. We're mailing a little bit of Montreal to her instead.

Remember, Cindy: they're best lightly toasted with cream cheese and lox. And a pinch of east coast attitude.
Oh, and the chocolates? You don't have to share those.


Discovered this weekend amid a pile of "notes" that I kept from high school:

"Oh give me a home
Where the logarithms roam
And the exponents so happily play.
Where seldom is seen
Log 7 base 15
And the theorems get more confusing each day"

Ready for more? Here's another, sung to the tune of Animotion's "Obsession":

"You are a recession,
you're my recession
What do you want me to say
To prevent Depression Day?"

Don't put me into this torment
Of cyclical unemployment

Because you're such a bore
What don't I start a war?

Yep, in high school, some girls passed notes to their friends about cute boys, and then some passed notes about math and history. Guess which ones got dates.


puppy love.

Uncle Jed and Aunt Sarah: Thanks for all the good Christmas gifts. I really loved the puppy, even though it didn't come with any accessories. Like ripe bananas. Or sweet potatoes.
Love, Milo.

Yeah, birthdays are cool.

Just ask him, he'll tell you.