Travel bug

Spontaneous picnic, somewhere off the interstate in New Hampshire, about five miles after Milo woke up and started to yelp to be let out of his seat.

We've been hit by a little wanderlust lately and have taken some wonderful road trips to upstate New York and, more recently, Boston and Cambridge. Which also means we've been logging in some serious hours in the car with a squirmy nine-month-old. I've always loved road trips though admittedly these last couple have had a different rhythm. We've had to give ourselves plenty of time to get where we're going. This has had all kinds of great unexpected benefits like impromptu picnics and tickle sessions. And the boy travelled like a champ. He actually slept away most of the five-hour trip to and from Boston.
My favorite part of the road trip? Getting to see the famous glass flowers up close at the Harvard Natural History Museum. This collection is composed of over 2500 hand-made models of actual flowers and plants made entirely from glass by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, a father-son glassmaking team from Germany. The detail is astounding - a cactus had thousands of tiny glass hairs mimicking its thorns!
Apparently, the Blaschkas weren't kept busy enough building the Harvard models, because they created a series of marine invertebrates as well. What's really amazing to contemplate is that, although these specimens date back to the late 1800s to mid 1900s, no one has since been able to replicate the Blaschkas craftsmanship.

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