A few tasty morsels

It's been grey and blustery outside lately so I've been wandering through faraway places on my computer on a sensory journey, even if only for a few moments. Here's where I've been:

David Byrne has a blog! And a fabulously random monthly playlist! For instance, this month features songs that include the names of places he just drove through on a recent road trip across southern US. That's pretty terrific. From reading his online journal, I found out that he's a big bicycle activist in NYC. Now I really think he's a god.

A couple of years ago, I visited Sweden and fell for the natural landscapes and the simple beauty that seems to define Swedish aesthetic. Camilla Engman is an illustrator and artist whose work I recenetly discovered (and am crazy about) because, somehow, she captures that aesthetic I was so drawn to - clean, simple lines, recurring nature themes, yet the work is a little moody and ominous, too.

And no internet journey ever gets very far before I veer into a food blog. Orangette is my current favourite. Like all good talent, she makes writing about food seem deceptively simple. A wonderful storyteller, she reminds me of the great MFK Fischer. And her pictures ellicit Pavlovian drooling all over my keyboard.

Finally, a provocative article I read from yesterday's Boston Globe. Did you ever think that pushing children to read too early can be detrimental to their learning? Many scientists think so. Regardless, this is a great case for letting children have unstructured playtime. Fascinating stuff for a new mum.

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