What's in a name.

J: "Isn't calling it the winged samara kind of like calling it the Department of Redundancy Department?"

Me: "It implies a samara in motion, not just any old samara, lying around, doing nothing useful with itself, slowly decaying and wrecking the lawn."

J: "Um, whatever."

The samara is the winged seed of the maple leaf and as an expatriate Canadian, living in the U.S. and currently on sabbatical in Canada, the blog title reflects the cyclical nature of our family's existence. plus it sounds poetic and we can all use a little more poetry in our daily lives, no?

The title touches on a lot of things I hope to write about: travels, nature, our little seed, Milo, and our nine month journey leaving the place I now call home, Madison Wisconsin, for the place I was born and raised, Montreal.

When I was in university at McGill, I took a wonderful botany class and learned how to make botanical specimens. We'd collect the plants, dry them in a press and carefully mount and label them on archival paper for posterity. While an online journal is a much more dynamic, live endeavour, I see it as a similar exercise in slowing down, in really seeing what is going on around me and reflecting on it. With work, baby, travel, I find myself racing through the days. Sometimes I can't remember what I did the day before. How sad.

So goes my brief introduction of this site. I hope you enjoy the fruits of this labour. I know I am going to enjoy writing it!


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Maeve's mama said...

Feels peaceful and of course, looks beautiful. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.