The package was the first piece of mail I'd received in my new canadian home. I brought it upstairs and put it on the counter. I'd wait until I had a quiet moment to open it because I knew it would be delightful. It was from my friend Keri Smith, an intensely talented artist, intellectual and, really, a just beautiful person (her blog has been my little dose of inspiration for over two years now). It was one of those mornings where I couldn't seem to finish any single task I started: the laundry was half-folded, I'd boiled water for tea and never made the tea, I had a half-formed email response on my computer screen for two hours, invitations I was making for an event that were in bits and pieces on the desk. Needless to say, I felt scattered. So I finally made my cup of tea, plopped Milo on the kitchen floor next to me with a symphony of spatulas and mixing bowls and opened up our package from Keri. And, amid a small sea of book treasures, out popped this jolly little fellow:

Cute, eh? His name is Stanley Greenbottom and he speaks a little French. Milo thought this gift was just delicious, especially the cardboard sign that came attached around his neck.

But what most struck me was that he matched perfectly with the baptism invitations I was making. I was so drawn to those two colours (teal blue and paprika) because they seem so cheery and on a day when I was feeling scattered and a little down on myself for not getting anything done, Stanley showed up in our lives just radiating cheeriness and comfort.

I couldn't help myself. After Milo went to bed, I borrowed Stanley and put him on the shelf next to a completed (finally!) invitation to keep me company for the night as I moved through some of my to-do list. Sometimes, it takes these little serendipitous moments to shake the tree a little and get you moving. Thanks Stanley!

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